Questions To ask yourself


1.  Do I qualify to participate in this program? You must be between the age of (12-23) and a U.S. Citizen who has a 2.5 GPA  or better & enrolled as a junior or senior in high school or in a 4 year accredited college.

2.  Do I have a financial need for attending college such as tuition, room & board, book fee's etc? Scholarship organizations look to assist students who "need" money to pay for college funds.  If you are on a full scholarship; then this program would not be for you.  Please feel free to share our information with those who are in need.

3.  Have I filed my FAFSA application or do I plan to? (Federal Student Aid)  You are free to do this each year immediately after January 1st.  If your child will graduate during this year, you will need to fill this application out as early as possible to determine how much funding you will be eligible for.  Consider this: there's money out there for federal aid; however the longer you wait into the school year, then you're limiting yourself with funding that's available to the millions of students out there applying.  They will allow you to use your previous years taxes to complete the estimate of your earnings.  You do not have to wait until you file your taxes.  Contact them at 1-800-433-3243 for further assistance between the hours of 8am-11pm Eastern Std. Time. This application process is free.  Please do not pay an organization to help you fill out paperwork.  Their help will not guaranty you a scholarship or placement within a college. 


4.  Have I narrowed down my choices of what 4 year college that I'd like to attend?  This information is very important once you're approaching your senior year of high school, because scholarship companies will need to know where you have been accepted in order to send funds to the Financial Aid office for you.  Majority of them do not send the scholarship funds directly to the student.


5.  Have I requested enrollment applications for the colleges of my choice?  Please make sure that before you submit funds for an application, that you qualify by the GPA, SAT or ACT scores that the school requires.  You'll save yourself a lot of money this way.   

6.  Am I the type of student who is ambitious, persistent and driven?  Those are the only students that our program will work for.  "Tools For Success" is designed for those who have a mission to complete their goals in life by using the resources that are provided to help them.  We're here to help students get to the finish line.

7.  What are my career goals?  Scholarship organizations will ask this question on their applications.  Our suggestion to young people is to find a volunteer opportunity in the field that you would like to work in.  Anything that you develop a passion to study for as a career - you should first be able to work in it for free.  Does that make sense?  If a student can grasp the importance of this concept, then it will reduce the amount of time that is wasted changing a college degree.


8.  Have I updated my Facebook page to make sure that my character represents integrity?  Scholarship organizations will check you out to verify what's on paper versus what's being viewed on social media.  Many people in society are struggling with gaining employment and often times forget about

the content that is displayed on their Facebook page.  Organizations have a right to pre-qualify you when it comes to rewarding "their money".


9.  Will I be willing to get assistance in scoring well on the ACT/SAT college admissions test?  It is important that parents and students know that scoring well on the college admissions tests can aid the student in receiving more scholarship funds.


10. Is a commitment fee a good investment for me to receive training to help improve my essay writing skills for winning scholarships to fund my college education and better prepare me for my financial future?  We offer a variety of tailored programs to fit everyone's budget. Email us:



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