The Commitment To Inspire Students

"A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done."

- Vince Lombardi

Inspiring Students To Excel In Higher Education, is a scholarship and financial planning organization with a passion for helping young students strive to be the very best in life and achieve their goals.  Our mission is to financially educate young citizens of America on how to attend college debt free.  Many students have been able to fully pay for college after receiving numerous scholarships.  Thank you for being committed to making a difference in your life.  Here is what we offer:

1. "Tools For Success Guide". Writing and organizational training on how to attend college debt free via the use of scholarships and grants. Our training helps the student develop stronger writing skills which also help with college admissions tests, applications, class assignments and beyond. The guide also includes scholarship listings as well.  Be sure to click on the product ("Tools For Success") before leaving the check out page.

2. Invitations to workshops (One full day workshop included this year with your commitment agreement for service).

3. Unlimited Phone & EmailSupport including in person assistance during Essay Writing Workshops.

4. Referrals for scholarships and internships.  Tutoring referral assistance for school studies and college admissions.        

5. Students are eligible to participate in our Essay Writing Contests.

6. Reference letter provided to students who successfully complete "first essay assignment."

7. Inspiring Students To Excel In Higher Education - T-shirt

8. Career Assessment Test

9. Resume writing assistance

10.Under this new agreement - each student will receive The Tools for Success Guide, assistance with their portfolio of documents needed, along with six scholarship essay outbound critiques.  "We are the solution to helping students learn how to write their way to a debt free college education!"

Inspiring Students To Excel In Higher Education represents "the most affordable solution" to helping students locate and win scholarships.  Check out the slim competition online and you'll see the huge savings for the all inclusive service that your student will be receiving.  We help students and parents go beyond the school system to receive this much needed information.  Please visit the Visionary page for the level of experience that we have.  Not only are we teaching students how to "write to win scholarships", but also rewarding them for utilizing our program to win scholarships that pay for their college education.  So, you're receiving "inside tips" from an organization that "has a scholarship" that we reward as well to St. Ursula Academy students.  You are also receiving assistance from an organization that includes professional writers with various media sources. (Please view the "Thank You " messages from our High School Scholarship Recipients on our Comments page.)  The value of our service that we provide is un-measurable.   


*Student loans and college tuition have increased and our program will offer years of savings.   So, if you value education and your "priorities" are in order for you/your child - then our program is for you.  "Parents please understand that although we are here to show your child how to attend college debt free, they will still need "your guidance and support to motivate them and encourage them to "apply for the scholarships" once you've signed them up."  We work with Juniors and Seniors in high school along with college students; so, the earlier that you apply the better.  Please do not wait until the end of the school year to sign up for our program or any others to locate funds for your up and coming college freshman.  Applying for scholarships involves a process of meeting deadlines and waiting for decisions to be made by the organizations.  Scholarships that are rewarded for Fall Semester funding usually have a deadline by May at the very latest.  Scholarships that are rewarded for the Winter Semester usually have a deadline of September/October at the very latest.  The organizations need time to review all of the scholarship applications and essays that come in.  They must also verify the school information where funds will be rewarded and this process generally involves a few months for completion.  So, please understand when you contact us, to be "realistic" about your situation for needing help in acquiring scholarships for the calendar year.  We're speaking from experience when we share these recommendations with you, based upon the phone calls that we receive.   Dedication, determination and organization are the only requirements to be successful with our program.  "We provide the tutoring with our tutorial program and the student provides the work ofproductivity."  Ready to commit?

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Here's how to contact us:  Email:

Our mailing address is:  Inspiring Students To Excel In Higher Education, LLC - P.O. Box 723031 - Atlanta, GA 30339

Ofc ph# 404-410-3069 & Ofc fax# 404-410-2923


Your commitment fee can be paid in the form of a Money Order, Debit or Credit Card.  Once you have reviewed the details to confirm your qualification & participation - please email or call us to schedule a quick consultation to see which one of our programs will be best for your college bound student to participate in. There are NO REFUNDS allowed. Once we email our support documents, conduct consultation calls and training of any kind; the services are in use. We are similar to a department store; there must be a product that is able to be returned in order for a refund.  We are an online training program and all documents that come over are via email. Thank you for understanding.




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