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Inspiring Students To Excel In Higher Education would like to share with our visitors some comments that we've received.

We look forward to hearing from you as well in reference to your experience with our program.


Ms. C. Young (OH) - our Scholarship Recipient from St. Ursula Academy - "Thank you so much for your scholarship funds.  My parents have taught me to do all thing in the spirit of excellence!  I have so many opportunities here at St. Ursula and it means the world to me that your organization is helping me to accomplish my goals.  May God Bless You!"

Ms. H. Withrow (OH) - our Scholarship Recipient from St. Ursula Academy - "This scholarship has largely impacted me during this school year and encouraged and motivated me to achieve academically, socially, emotionally and physically.  Your scholarship plays an important role in assuring my education at St. Ursula Academy.  Thank You"!   

Ms. K. Hollingsworth (OH) - our Scholarship Recipient from St. Ursula Academy - "Thank you so much for selecting me as the winner for your scholarship this year.  You don't know how much this means to me!  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to attend SUA and receive the high performance of education that our school offers.

"Thank you for what you are doing for high school and college students.  Your program is very well needed throughout the United States." M. Anderson - NC

*Testimonial from a parent regarding the benefit of the College 529 Savings Plan

"In 2006, I opened a State Farm 529 College Savings Plan for my child who was going into middle school.  So, from 2006 - present, I have paid monthly into the 529 College Savings Plan and I am proud to say the plan does work.  I am a proud parent of a college freshman who is enrolled at a university in the state of Georgia (Fall 2013). Although my child qualified for the Hope Scholarship with a 3.4 GPA; this was not enough to cover all of the tuition, room and board with books.  Thanks to the State Farm 529 College Savings Plan, I've been able to pay the difference that was needed, without coming out of pocket or applying for a student loan."  "What a peace of mind!"  P. MuDrow - GA

"It was a delight to have you speak with our young people.  The information that you shared was most insightful and our students are already inquiring of your future return.  Again, thank you and we look forward to having you again in the Fall." C. Allen - GA Frederick Douglas High School - Career Center Counselor

"Thank you for participating in our ABL Student Business Shadow Project this summer.  We are extremely grateful and due to your participation this has been one of our best summer programs to date.  We have received incredible feedback from the students on how wonderful everything went and we appreciate the time you devoted to making that possible.  Again, thank you for your continued support of the Atlanta Business League and the Student Business Shadow Project."  N. Gowens - Program Manager of Atlanta Business League - GA

Essay Writing Workshop feedback: "I loved this workshop; it was very beneficial and made me feel empowered!  I loved how it was hands on. I felt motivated by the teacher and it was a warm environment." - Student at 11/7 Free Essay Writing Workshop - Wolf Creek Library

"I personally loved the workshop. Very informative and a great way to teach students ways to prepare for college.  This program is something I would recommend to others.  You were very engaging and kept my attention." - Student at 11/7 Free Essay Writing Workshop - Wolf Creek Library

"I found the workshop to be exactly what my son needed to realize the importance with essay writing and applying for scholarships.  There was so much information given to parents and students on the next step in the students life.  Thank you for opening my eyes to what is out there, so that I may be a better cheerleader for my son. Awesome workshop!" - Parent at 11/7 Free Essay Writing Workshop - Wolf Creek Library

"Thank you for your support of my Fall 2015 College Prep Series." This worthwhile college readiness initiative could not have been a success without your help.  It is comforting to know that the city of Atlanta has partners, like you, who are committed to making it a world-class locale.  Again, thank you for your support and service to the community." - Ceasar C. Mitchell - Atlanta City Council President







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